The Finecuts fresh produce procurement process is unique in the sense that we source most of our fresh produce from our local farmers in and around the Durbanville and Kraaifontein area on the same day as delivering these products to our client.

Our day starts at 04:00 at Cape Town Market where we buy produce delivered by local farmers as well as imports and national suppliers. These include fruit from different regions like pineapples, bananas and paw-paws. We constantly adapt our standard boxes according to seasonality of products. We therefore also monitor the market prices of other local produce to form an idea of products coming into season and those on their way out.

Our local farmers supply us with the freshest veg, fruit and herbs. We collect these after returning from Cape Town Market. Buying from our local farmers not only supports our local community but also gives us the opportunity to provide our customers with fresher and longer lasting produce.

Once we have procured all our produce from our suppliers we move back to “base” where individual orders are packed to our customer’s specific needs. Orders get dispatched as early as 8 in the morning and delivered by our own in-house drivers, at this stage ourselves. Deliveries are done to residential homes as well as to private clients at their offices.  We now also serve a substantial percentage of local fine dining restaurants and coffee shops.

Our buying process is a central part of our business success since our turnaround time for orders is under 24 hours.

Streamlining our ordering and buying procedures has been worth our while in terms of the sustainability of Finecuts as well as offering an even better service to our clients.

So by the time your alarm clock goes off in the morning, you can wake up with the happy though that your shopping basket has been filled with the finest and freshest we have to offer.

Happy shopping


The Finecuts Team

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